First Night at New Smyrna - Sun. Feb. 13th

Heat: Started 7th - Finished 4th - +3 Factor
100 Lap Feature: Started 3rd - Ran as high as 2nd - Finished 7th
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Second Night at New Smyrna - Mon. Feb. 14th
100 Lap Feature: Started 12th on invert from Sun. finish order - Finished 7th
Goodyear Speedweeks Cup points position: 7th
1. Joey Pole – 6    2. Brian Hoar – 7    3. Mark Lamberton – 7
4. Wayne Helliwell, Jr. – 8    5. Patrick Laperle – 11    6. Jonathan Urlin – 12
7. Eddie MacDonald – 14    8. Karl Allard – 16    9. Patrick Hamel – 21
10. Donald Theetge – 22
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The American Canadian Tour’s first visit to New Smyrna Speedway (NSS) for the Goodyear Speedweeks Cup resulted in an overall seventh place finish for Eddie MacDonald. One hundred lap features were run on Sunday and Monday night, February 13-14, on the fast half mile, high-banked oval track located down the road from Daytona International Speedway.

MacDonald finished in seventh place each night and with a combined total of 14 points, one point for each position, to score seventh in the final standings. This was not what MacDonald had planned for earlier in the week. "I thought on the way down that we would have a better finished than that but with a new car and the problems that go along with the unknown I suppose we did okay. Freddy Peterson from Peabody, Mass. and Peterson Auto Body provided the car for us and I am very thankful to him for letting us drive his car. The car only had a couple of races on it and the first laps we put on it was the first practice on Sunday. We made a ton of changes during the practice but the car was just tight. It is really tough to run a new car on a new track and have everything go your way."

Using the traditional ACT plus-minus point’s system, MacDonald scored a plus 3 in his heat when he passed three cars from his seventh place starting position in the second heat of the night. As a result of the finish, the #17Ma Grimm Construction/Hancock Electric Chevy started third for the first 100 lapper on Sunday night. MacDonald maintained the position until lap 35 when the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer reported an oil leak that made the car very loose in the turns. By lap 61 and running in sixth place, MacDonald told crew chief Rollie LaChance that quite a bit of oil was leaking into the car and causing a vibration. The team decided to stay out and despite the worsening leak, MacDonald was able to take the checkers in seventh place.

The inspection after the race found the bottom of the car and the rear right side tire covered in oil. It had even leaked into the inside of the car covering the passenger side. A call was made to Jim Daley, a car owner from Lee USA Speedway, who has a shop near the track and the car was taken there to replace the engine and transmission. After an all-nighter to make the repairs, the team returned to the track after an hour’s sleep to prepare for Monday’s feature.

"We came down here to race and have a little fun but after working around the clock, everyone on the team was beat. I was really proud of the guys for sucking it up and getting us ready for Monday night’s race. Jim Daley really stepped up to help us. He even sent a couple of his guys down to the track with a truck and small trailer so we didn’t have to load up our hauler and move it. It just shows you how racers help one another. I can’t thank him and his guys enough for everything they did."

With the top twenty of the field inverted for the second 100 lapper, MacDonald started in 14th place and was in ninth place on a lap 24 restart but was drilled in the side by eventual winner Brian Hoar on lap 26 sending him back to 13th. MacDonald said, "That really hurt us. I don’t know why he did that since we were running side by side and heading toward the front. The car was already getting real tight so to lose those positions made it real difficult to make up that ground we lost. We were able to get back up to seventh but that was all we could do."

"This was a great experience to run in the inaugural ACT race here. The track is a lot of fun to drive and I hope we are able to do it again. The ACT guys always put on a great show and it seems like the fans really enjoyed our style of racing. Our team couldn’t have done this without Freddy Peterson, Rob Grimm, our K&N Pro Series East car owner, and Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass.

Thanks again to those guys and especially to the crew that worked so hard to make this possible I hope we get another shot at this next year," said MacDonald.

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