Who Performed the Best In All of the 2008 Racing Season?
Performing in the clutch is what seperates a winning driver from the rest of the pack.  Flexing muscle at the right time is something that true talents posess.  Often luck plays a big role in winning versus losing, but being able to squeeze just enough strength out at the perfect opportunity is what separates winners from losers.  Performing in the clutch doesn't necessarily mean winning, however; it's all about making the most from what you've got.
That's why Quarter Master, providers of winning clutches & driveline components to racers from Super Speedway to the Bullring, from IRL to Rally, from NASCAR to the "Weekend Warrior," is proud to honor a weekly "Clutch Performance of the Week" from the short track ranks of America.  Each week, an esteemed panel of short track industry insiders will vote on which drivers came through in the clutch.  The driver or team with the most votes will then be the "Clutch Performance of the Week." 
And now, it's time for something even bigger.
Looking back at the 2008 season, our experts have voted on which Clutch Performance of the Week was bigger and better than every other one.  The votes were cast and the race was close.  The winner of the "Clutch Performer of the Year" and will be awarded a clutch kit from Quarter Master, valued at $3,500.
Without further ado, the "Quarter Master Clutch Performance of the Year" for the 2008 season goes to ...
Eddie MacDonald
NASCAR Camping World East Series - #71 Grimm Racing Chevrolet
ACT Late Model Tour - #17 Pontiac
A true racer wants to compete whenever he or she can. Two races in a weekend? Now that is cool. Two races in a day? That is a little tougher, but sometimes do-able.

Well....Eddie MacDonald didn't just manage to race in two events on one afternoon in September - he excelled in both of those. One Saturday afternoon ended with MacDonald winning one big race and another championship. Making the feat even more amazing is the fact that both events took place at tracks in different states!

First, Eddie MacDonald buckled into his NASCAR Camping World East Series car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway around 10am and battled none other than Steve Park on the last lap to win sweep both races at the track this season. Eddie Mac also wrapped up the NHMS track championship with his victory.

So that performance would have been enough to probably lock down the Quarter Master Clutch Performance of the Week for MacDonald. But what he and his team did next was really an example of coming through in the clutch...and it was also good enough to earn the Quarter Master Performance of the Year.

While in the tech area after the NHMS race, MacDonald looked impatient. We soon found out why. It turned out that his ACT Late Model was sitting on a trailer three hours away in the pit area at Oxford Plains Speedway. With heat races starting in mid-afternoon, MacDonald couldn't wait to get over there and run that car on the same day. Eventually, he and crew chief Rollie LaChance made that drive - and Eddie Mac scored a top 10 finish that was good enough to earn him the 2008 Oxford Late Model Challenge Series championship.

Two championships and one race victory in the same afternoon - not bad at all.
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